Skin Geek Microneedling Roller

The roller is 0.2mm. This is the depth that the needles go into your skin.

Use an at-home roller to help your skincare products penetrate into your skin. The needles are creating tiny little channels everywhere so your products will flood in, for a short period of time, therefore, work fairly quick.

Roll, then lift off the skin, then roll, then lift off the skin. NEVER drag the needles in the skin.

I suggest applying the excess serum from the Hydra Gel Mask first although you can use any of your favourite serums at this point. Roll, then apply the mask to give yourself an at-home facial. You can skip this final step if you like.

Your skin will look a little pink but this will calm down quickly. Your skin may feel scratchy and the product you apply may feel a little itchy. This is all normal.

Your roller will last anywhere between 3-6 months. It depends how often you use it, how well you look after it and keep it clean. Full instructions are on the box.

The rollers are made from titanium alloy and the needles won't rust or bend.

They are gama sterilised and sealed straight away until you open them.

This is your ticket to amazing at-home facials and a regular skin boost!

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